What is the Women Podcasters in Solidarity initiative?

Women Podcasters in Solidarity is a collective of women podcasters who have made a pledge to build awareness and funds for social justice through their podcasting platforms. This is a twice-yearly, ongoing initiative with the first focus being on Anti-Racism and the Movement for Black Lives, the second on Gun Safety with an Intersectional Lens, and the third on Immigration from a Social Justice Perspective (you can join now for the new season here).

Women Podcasters in Solidarity was founded by Julie Neale, a mom to two boys (5 and 13), a life and leadership coach, founder of Mother’s Quest and the Mother’s Quest Podcast and a white woman of privilege stepping into activism and advocacy with positive intent, a desire to listen and to learn, and willingness to make mistakes.

After a series of conversations with her friend Jenjii Hysten over the last year about what it is like for her as a black mother raising two black boys, and witnessing haunting videos (one of Philando Castile’s girlfriend Diamond Phillips and her daughter in the back of a police car after his death and the other of black parents having the “talk” with their children about what to do if stopped by police), Julie decided she could no longer stay safe and silent, and she needed to do something. She also realized that as a podcaster she could use her platform to raise awareness, dollars, and her own understanding to make a difference.

The Women Podcasters in Solidarity Initiative was born after Julie realized that if she could make this commitment, perhaps other women podcasters would as well. Sure enough, as Julie began inviting others to participate, more and more women said “yes!” The first to say “yes” was her friend and fellow podcaster Cristin Downs, of The Notable Woman, who has since agreed to collaborate on leading the project. Next was podcasting powerhouse Elsie Escobar, host of Elsie’s Yoga Class, co-host of She Podcasts, and Social Media Community Manager, Podcaster Relations, and host of The Feed for Libsyn.

Take the pledge

Join us for the next season, focused on immigration from a social justice perspective.

The Women Podcasters in Solidarity

Gabriela Acosta
Amy Ahlers
Laura Aiisha
Kara Nelson Baekey
Cindy Beekman
Alexa Haddock Bigwarfe
Sara Bobkoff
Louise Bradley
Queen Brown
Wendii Burstion
Jo Casey
Nancy Cavillones
Jamie Collins
Kelly Jepson Covert
Sara Dean
Deidre Didion
Julie Diémé
Cristin Downs
Leanne Drew
Elsie Escobar
Sonali Fiske
Michelle Gale
Megan Costello Gipson
Megan Ann Hall
Chou Hallegra
Sage BarberSmith Hobbs
Cherie Ivy
Morgan Jaffe
Paula Jenkins
Kari Johll
Jen Keefe
Shannon Kinney
Sue Kisenwether
Andrea Klunder
Jessica Kupferman
Patty Lane
Laura Lange
Vita Lantz-Brown
Kat Laoghaire
Clare Levijoki
Janet Luciano
Jen Lumanlan
Valerie Martin
Sarah Mikutel
Julie Neale
Dorothy Martin Neville
Samantha Nolan-Smith
Jacqui Oh
Casey O’Roarty
Rigette G. Osoteo
Riva Patwardhan
Skye Pillsbury
Renee Powers
Giovanna Rossi Pressley
Dina Ranade
Judith Registre
Sheryl Robinson
Martina Rutledge
Layla Saad
Diane Shrock
Marie Silver
Sunit Suchdev
Abra Sussman
Liza Tsahiridis
Martha Tyler
Heather Vickery
Heather Warburton
Katie Ward
Alicia Wonderland
Callie Wright
Wendy and Beth

Raise Awareness and Funds with Us!

We have raised funds for Mothers Against Police Brutality, whose co-founder Sara Mokuria, Julie interviewed, and Sybrina Fulton’s Circle of Mothers Healing Retreat. A new cause will be announced for this coming Giving Tuesday 2019.

Gun Safety with an Intersectional Lens: The Episodes